Simple & Reliable Video Production Solutions

At Stream Dudes, we like offering video production solutions that are simple-to-use and reliable for everyday use. Utilizing control applications from HRS Control and ToolsOnAir, with video production hardware from vMix, PTZOptics and Epiphan; we can confidently state that Stream Dudes offers custom automation solutions.

Automation = Master Remote Control

For those who might be unfamiliar with the term, ‘automation’ refers to the seamless way that multiple pieces of equipment can be controlled from a single interface. Think of it as a master remote control, that can operate everything in your production from cameras, to switching, to live streaming, and recording- all from a custom user interface. Automation control is commonly found in houses of worship, public-access television studios, municipal buildings and even in corporate meeting spaces—basically, anywhere production staff is limited and simple control is wanted.

Scalable Solutions Based on YOUR Needs

Looking at what is being currently being offered as “turn-key” solutions by the big names in automation, Stream Dudes is proud to offer alternative solutions that focus more on your particular needs. Based on modular approaches, but functioning as one seamless experience, Stream Dudes has decided to work with HRS Control and ToolsOnAir to provide automation solutions that can scale up and down with your needs and budget.


HRS Control

A lot like the team at Stream Dudes, HRS Control is a company committed to solving problems. Having been bred out of the rental and staging market, HRS Control products will help you use the full potential of current technology. Having extensive experience with broadcast automation, digital signage and live event control, HRS Control offers intuitive controls and automation solutions to manage each of your projects and create stunning content.


Innovative, affordable, and based off of a solid Mac-based platform, ToolsOnAir provides powerful automation, file ingestion, video storage and transport solutions. For additional reliability and functionality, ToolsOnAir provides compatibility with AJA Video Systems I/O cards to bring a feature-rich experience that is still easy-to-use. Whether you’re in charge of broadcasting weekly services at a house of worship, or scheduling content to be aired on a local government access channel, ToolsOnAir provides solutions that you can trust.
In addition to offering custom workflow automation, Stream Dudes also offers full system integration services as well. Being able to get the most out of what you already have, add in equipment you need and then get it all to work together- is our specialty and yet another reason to choose Stream Dudes as your trusted resource in video. Contact Us to learn more about a customized workflow solution tailored to your needs and budget or call (715) 972-3833 to speak with a specialist.