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iRevo Digital Signage: Easily Create Stunning Digital Signage

Digital signage doesn’t have to be complicated or boring. Too many times we run into clients seeking digital signage solutions for houses of worship (HoW), schools, or hospitality applications. Typically, in their searching, our customers were unable to locate digital signage solutions that were both easy and affordable, as well as interesting for their visitors. With solutions by iRevo, you can easily have engaging content readily-available for your visitors/audience. With solutions from iRevo, you no longer need a degree in digital design to create visual content that can turn heads.

Cloud-based: Author, Publish, Monitor…Anywhere

The biggest reason why the Dudes recommend iRevo is how it integrates easily and seamlessly into your existing equipment. For instance, if you already have a TV running on Android, Chrome, or Fire TV platforms, all that is needed is to download the iDS Player application to get started. Don’t have the application either? Then ask us to design a simple playout “plug-in” solution for your existing equipment; Yes, we CAN do that!

People entrust the Stream Dudes to help them find the right equipment for their broadcasts or webcasts. To learn more about the full line of iRevo digital signage solutions or to place an order, Contact Us for more information.

About iRevo Multimedia

iRevo ( is founded by an experienced team of Silicon Valley professionals with depth and breadth of knowledge in the area of Consumer, Internet and Device technologies. iRevo is one of a handful of companies that has embraced the Cloud based approach (Web Technologies) to support multiple devices running popular operating systems.

iRevo produces and markets smart devices that are powered by its globally scalable cloud platform to deliver content on all four screens; TVs, tablets, smartphones and PCs. This platform as a service solution can deliver content and apps to Android, iOS, Windows, Linux and Google TV devices. Furthermore, it extends multi-screen interaction via iRevo’s TelePlay screen shifting technology, which is backward compatible with DLNA solutions.

The solution is available for private labeling by OEMs, MSOs and content owners or it can be delivered to consumers under the iRevo Brand. By adapting all or part of iRevo’s offering, customers can save man-years of development cycle for quick time to market.

For end-users/consumers, we strive to build apps that are easy to use on multiple devices in a consistent manner for a superior user experience. Our apps are designed to bring consumers access and sharing of personal content on devices they use from the web and premium content sources.

iRevo’s TelePlay is a screen shifting technology, offering functionality similar to Apple’s Airplay, that supports Android, iOS, Linux and Windows platforms. We are constantly innovating. If you don’t see something here, just drop us a note with your question.