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Early Adopters of IP-Based Streaming Protocol

For BirdDog, it all started with a cool name and a novel idea: Make a product that can interface existing video equipment with a new IP-based streaming video protocol called NDI®, the innovative network device interface technology from Newtek. Being one of the first adopters of NDI technology, BirdDog now is a staple among professional broadcasters.

RC PTZ Cameras Featuring Full NDI

At the forefront of NDI development, BirdDog now is expanding the feature set of their signature products. Additionally, BirdDog has added remote controlled PTZ cameras that feature full NDI and innovative designs. Although BirdDog did not create NDI, they certainly perfected the user experience.

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About BirdDog

Over here over at BirdDog and we pride ourselves on our customer service and response times. So please, drop us a line and we’ll reply super fast. Please note we are generally working on a Melbourne, Australia time zone. Contact us at or visit our website

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