Proper component layout ensures every aspect of content deliver is properly considered
Proper component layout ensures every aspect of content deliver is properly considered
Let the dudes demystify the process

What is a Workflow and is it Necessary?

What is a Streaming Workflow and why is it necessary? A streaming workflow is a map or diagram of signal flow, data paths and an overarching view of all the equipment needed for a successful web stream. Think of a workflow as a recipe for creating a great viewer experience as well as a great user experience. Knowing what you want your viewers to see and how they see it, is what a streaming workflow is all about. 

Sample Single-Camera Broadcast Workflow for Houses of Worship
Example: Simple, single-camera workflow

Stay Organized, Identify Potential Failure Points

Starting with the capture of audio and video, a streaming workflow helps you, the content producer, stay organized and helps to identify potential failure points. Perhaps your crew varies from job-to-job, or maybe you have different volunteers assist with each production? With a solid streaming workflow in place, changes in personnel have much less of an impact on the delivery of your content. This also can have a cost-savings as well.

Ability to Repurpose or Expand is Logically- and Fiscally-Responsible

By taking an overhead view of an entire production, it is easy to see what elements are needed for today and where you can grow tomorrow. All the streaming workflows designed and engineered by Stream Dudes pay respect to client budget, while lending themselves to future expandability. What you may need today might have to change tomorrow, so being able to repurpose or expand onto equipment for current needs is logically and fiscally smart.

Ensure that Every Aspect of Content Delivery is Properly Considered

A good streaming workflow considers what you want your viewers to see inside of your venue, as well as what they see streamed live or on-demand. Having a proper layout of all components and seeing how they connect with one another, ensures that every aspect of content delivery is properly considered. In fact, seeing how components interface with each other can also foster future creativity and enhance the viewer experience.

Workflow Connects your Content with your Viewers

Although content streaming and delivery has become more streamlined, it still must be thoroughly thought out prior to having a successful production. Stream Dudes simplifies that process by drawing upon our experiences and sharing our learned knowledge with the client. A streaming workflow is less about how equipment connects with each other, and it’s more about how it connects your content with your viewers.

Stream Dudes takes all of the guesswork out of web streaming. Our clients are given the peace of mind needed to stay focused on their special event by not having to worry about the webcast. To speaking with a streaming event specialist, please send us an email us at or call us at (715) 972-3833 to speak with a professional.