Customize your streaming computer with the Dudes in our Custom Shop

Customize Your New Switcher With The Dudes

With the realization that no two productions are the same, we began building solutions that offered broadcasters, streamers, educators and virtual event creators powerful, yet flexible turnkey solutions. While collaborating closely with a respected engineering and PC-build team, we created powerful systems that exceeded expectations, not budgets.

We Speak Streaming; We Hear Your Needs

When it comes to finding the right live streaming production solution for your needs, our experts are all ears. With many clients being repeat Dude PC and Dude Rack purchasers, we have heard and experienced a lot from real-world deployment. Virtual events now are taking center stage, and Stream Dudes’ customized solutions house many of these virtual venues.

No matter the platform, whether it be vMix, Livestream, or any other popular live production software, the Stream Dudes Custom Shop is open for your business. To get started customizing your next live video production solution, take a moment to answer a few short questions below:

Factory-Built, not Garage-Built

With a menagerie of software options readily-available for live video production, we understand that other companies try to offer custom, turnkey solutions as well. What we have found is that most of these “solutions” are made from components several generations old, offering inconsistent quality between builds and no standard procedures for quality control.

How we Build Streaming Systems

All components selected for use in our Dude Racks and Dude PCs first must pass through the engineering team to ensure compatibility, performance and proper fit within the chassis. Only after this process, we acquire the components directly from the manufacturers, not third-party retailers. This action alone ensures consistency; that all parts are new and not gathered from returned items placed back in stock.

Real Performance, Real Value

Although the idea of a custom-tailored may sound expensive, our Dude Racks and PCs provide for better value than expected. When compared to the “big-named,” all-in-one, turnkey video production solutions on the market, our racks and PCs offer much more performance for usually thousands of dollars less. These savings are realized because our clients can pick and choose the features most important for their needs and budget.

Since each Dude Rack and Dude PC is factory-engineered and built with top-tier components, all Dude PC and Dude Rack models are backed by a three-year hardware warranty, standard. This feature, a unicorn in this business, not only puts performance into your productions, but it also provides real peace-of-mind; allowing producers the ability of focusing on their task-at-hand and not having to worry about letting down an important client.

The Right Dude for The Right Job

From a powerful, affordable 2U chassis that you can take on the road; to a 4U powerhouse with RAID Drives and dual NIC cards designed specifically to allow more throughput for IP workflows; there is a Dude (PC or RACK) for everyone. It is because of this flexibility that The Dude Rack has found a home in network broadcast stations, houses of worship, schools, eSports leagues, and event production companies across the country.

Since The Dude Rack is a custom broadcast solution, future expansion or upgrades are always available. This means that when you buy The Dude Rack, you are investing in the future of your productions. Should you ever need more inputs or more power you do not need to trade it in, but rather send it to Stream Dudes for a simple—and relatively affordable—upgrade.