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The Ringer Walterweight and Heavyweight Briefcase style portable switchers
The Ringer Heavyweight Portable producion studio Switcher
The Ringer Walterweight Portable producion studio Switcher
The Dude Rack Walter 3U rack mount streaming solution
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Demanding, multi-faceted events, held in challenging locations (like say, a bridge for example), leave little room for error. The Dudes believe complex situations, need only a simple solution. No time to argue. You NEED your ace in the hole.

Send in The Ringer, Man.

Packed full of production power, The Ringer is the professional solution for when you don’t want to look like a bunch of amateurs. Easy-to-use, easy-to-tote, and perfect for not interrupting you when doing business. The Ringer knows it isn’t about playing a game…it is about producing it.  When that big production or event comes upon you quickly, ask for The Ringer “chop, chop,” and know that everything will go to plan.

To put it simply, The Ringer is literally a portable television studio that can go wherever your productions take you. With the ability to bring in cameras through physical inputs or IP streams, The Ringer allows you to:

  • Seamlessly switch between cameras
  • Record video
  • Roll-in graphics
  • Stream live video
  • Chromakey
  • Control multiple channels of Instant Replay

This also is an ideal solution for creating unique and rich OTT content.

Is The Ringer for You?

The Ringer is designed to be a powerhouse, wherever the occasion. Any producer or content creator who wants to wield the power of a complete production team anywhere. Confined to a single box and travel case. Furthermore, featuring a built-in 21″ HD monitor—the largest integrated monitor available on the market today—The Ringer portable production studio is practically perfect for mobile productions, or wherever space is limited.

Why You Should

Because audience tastes are always changing and evolving, so should producers. With the advantage of an all-in-one video production solution—like The Ringer—a producer need only invest in ONE BOX that can handle all of their production needs. At home, in a theater, in a stadium, or on a bridge, The Ringer is the most flexible and versatile production tool available.

Size Matters

Having a larger screen, processor, and graphics card and more available inputs means that The Ringer is an investment that easily can yield large returns by being a true all-in-one production solution that is ready to change and meet all of your needs. Stream Dudes currently offers two versions of The Ringer portable television studio: the 8-input (4 HDMI/4 SDI ) Walterweight and the 12-input (4 HDMI/8 SDI) Heavyweight.

vMix Advanced Partner / vMix Reseller

Because we are an Advanced Partner and Reseller of vMix, Stream Dudes is your best resource and knowledge base in the Midwest United States. Carrying this distinctive certification means that you can be assured that you are purchasing from a reputable source who will, above all, not only help you purchase the right vMix solution, but can ensure you receive proper training as well. In addition to helping you purchase a vMix system, we also have the ability to build and custom configure a vMix Reference System to meet your specific needs.

To learn about specific system specifications or to custom configure your own Dude Rack, contact Stream Dudes at info@streamdudes.com or call (715) 972-3833 to speak with a team member. Ask us about control surface options, wireless video transmission systems, or network storage solutions to complement your workflow.