streaming solutions for municipal TV

Transparency Aids in Building Community

Delivering your message to your community, and keeping citizens informed is more important NOW, than ever before. Having the right workflow (What’s a workflow, anyway?) in place that is easy to operate, yet robust enough to share important data and information with your community is a must. Stream Dudes has been a trusted resource for many communities looking to easily connect with their citizenry. These workflows are designed to be easy to use, but reliable enough to count on when minutes matter most.

Public Address Streaming Workflow

Addressing the community should not be difficult and focus should be on delivering your message and not on operating equipment. The Public Address Streaming Workflow is perfect for smaller municipalities or public access stations with limited space and budget. This workflow makes it easy to operate with a minimal staff, while still ensuring that your message is clear. Utilizing NDI technology along with a powerful NDI switcher, The Dude Rack, installation and deployment is simple as well.

Public Address: NDI Multicamera Streaming Workflow
Public Address configuration includes:
  • (1) Dude Rack all-in-one video production solution capable of
    • Six (6) NDI Inputs
    • Four (4) Distinct NDI outputs
    • Two (2) distinct display port outputs
  • USB audio interface capable of two (2) channels of audio (perfect for easily connecting existing mixers into the workflow)
  • Two (2) budget-friendly NDI|HX PTZ cameras
  • One (1) network router
  • One (1) NDI to HDMI decoder for monitor Output
  • Live streaming and recording
  • Sharing live output to monitors via NDI
  • Basic switcher control via tablet
  • Audio interface for simple integration of existing microphones and audio
Popular Additions:
  • IP-Based mini controller
  • Additional cameras
  • Add-nn NDI/IP Camera/Video Sources
Public Connection Streaming Workflow

Transparency and accountability of elected officials is key to keeping a community together and in-the-know. The Public Connection Streaming Workflow takes it to the streets by incorporating SRT-based streaming from remote cameras. Stepping up to a more powerful and capable Dude Rack, this streaming workflow enables you to bring in remote speakers from out in the community and easily can archive footage with the four (4) built-in “hot-swap” SSD bays. The Public Connection Streaming Workflow is a great way to bring in information and dialogue from your community members and it deliver to your community.

Public Connection: Multicamera Streaming Workflow
Public Connection configuration includes:
  • (1) The Dude Rack, all-in-one video production solution capable of
    • Twelve (12) NDI inputs
    • Four (4) distinct NDI outputs
    • Two (2) distinct display port outputs
    • Up to four (4) HDMI or SDI inputs
  • USB audio mixer for independent microphone volume control
  • Six (6) microphones
  • Three (3) full NDI PTZ cameras
  • One (1) SRT-based remote cameras with SRT encoding and cellular bonding for in-community reporting
  • NDI to HDMI decoders for monitor outputs
  • Network router
  • Advanced physical switcher and camera control surfaces
  • Upgraded audio mixer
  • Live streaming, recording and remote participant connection
Popular Additions:
  • Router with cellular backup for fail-safe performance
  • Setup for audio/voice remote
  • Green screen for special messages with virtual sets
  • Bonded cellular kit for remote video transmission
  • DANTE audio integration for enhanced audio routing
  • NDI/IP camera/video sources

The Dudes understand the importance of helping communities stay connected. We are more than just a systems integrator and workflow designer, Stream Dudes also works with operators to ensure proper training is provided as well.

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