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Reliable and trustworthy service for live streaming. John and Kris were very helpful and responsive when we needed. They are the pro tech guys for our church live streaming!!

Saw Kaw
Hosanna Karen Baptist Church

John and Kris have been a blessing to the newly formed Chiefs Media in McCormick, SC! They got us streaming when we thought we’d exhausted all our resources. In the middle of the Corona Virus shutdown we now have options for streaming important information. Kris and John, thank you for your knowledge and your patience!

Victoria Aleck-Gumbiner
McCormick High School | McCormick, S.C.

Well, this Coronavirus thing has created quite a crazy time. I was told at the last minute that our board needed to do an emergency board meeting but wanted to do it remotely. Not a huge deal except for all of the legal ramifications and requirements. It had to be streamed to the public and allow for citizens comments all being remote. I knew I couldn’t do it through vMix alone so finally came up with the plan of doing a Zoom meeting where people would be placed in a meeting room until allowed in. Brought that into vMix NDI from a laptop and was able to modify my multi-views and run my timers etc. all went off without a hitch. Was able to record and stream to 2 different locations and only reached 40% total CPU. 

Thank you for all of your support over the years. You made me look pretty amazing and pull off something no one thought possible. 

Mark Pace
Leander Independent School District | Leander, Texas

“This was the best experience. I can’t wait to work with you again.”

Chris Lenz
Friendship Village | Schaumburg, Ill.

“They’re very hands-on in being able to help us move forward…Its an all-encompassing support system from the Stream Dudes.”

Brian Barkowsky

Brother Rice High School | Chicago, Ill.

“I’ve been producing content for years and I’ve never had a more efficient or user-friendly setup than what Stream Dudes has provided,” stated “esquire on fire” herself, Jennifer Bukowsky. “No longer do we have to manage point-to-point connections, the NDI workflow and BirdDog equipment have given us the ability/flexibility to access our cameras & graphics anywhere across our network!”

Jennifer Bukowsky
Esquire on Fire | Columbia, Mo.

“I would recommend that anybody that wants to do live streaming, to look into Stream Dudes and call them. As soon as you call them and talk to them, you’ll realize these guys have your best interest a heart and they will help you make your broadcast exactly what you want it to be.”

Scott Gara

United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) | West Bend, Wis.

The process of upgrading our church’s video equipment was a long journey, and I am so happy that Stream Dudes was on that journey with us. Due to many factors outside our control, it took about six months from initial inquiry to having everything installed. During this entire period John and Kris were always quick to answer a question. They were always supportive and patient when we ran into another delay. I am extremely satisfied with the products they recommended and curated for our project. They were happy to give advice but never gave a “hard sell.” Even when we had some hiccups following the installation they were able to guide me to solutions, and I have the upmost confidence I can rely on them for anything that ever pops up. Stream Dudes are true professionals, and I would hire them again in a heartbeat.

Anthony Catalano
St. Mark Lutheran Church | De Pere, Wis.