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Production Bot: Solid Foundation for Editing

As you already may know, the ‘Dudes’ love innovative, new products, designed to make your productions look amazing. Although we are trusted experts in streaming live events, we also like products that are versatile and serve the ever changing needs of video production experts. Production Bot (ProBot) not only serves as a solid foundation for editing, it also can do much, much more.

Created by Video Production Experts, for Video Production Experts

Production Bot is a true workhorse, created by and for video production experts. Furthermore, each ProBot switcher is designed around a quad core processor, a powerful NVIDIA GPUs, and AJA SDI inputs; each ProBot is ready to report for duty. Although vMix Pro software comes standard on the Switch 8 (vMix 4K on Switch 4), the open platform allows you to use it whichever way you desire.

A Great Multi-Purpose Production Tool 

The idea behind the switcher design was simple: Give it a variety of configurable outputs, portability and expandability. Then,  give it enough power to run virtually any piece of production software you’ll need.

With ProBot, you have a multi-purpose tool that can go from running live switching software to video ingestion, from editing and then projection mapping; all within the same unit. ProBot is truly a producer’s best tool for when on location or wherever a compact form factor is a must.

Available in two Models:

Ready to meet the needs of any production team, the Switch 4/8 was engineered to operate the following pieces of software and many more:


** Please Note: Software listed is NOT included with Production Bot and MUST be purchased separately. **

Stream Dudes is excited to bring you such a new and versatile product. If you would like to order a Switch 4 or Switch 8, please visit our online store. To speak with one of our team members and see which Production Bot is right for you, contact us for additional information.

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About Production Bot

Production Bot is assembled in the U.S.A.