Roland VR-4HD 1080p HD Switcher with 18-chanel audio mixer
Roland V-1SDI Video Switcher
Roland V-C1 Video Converter Featuring on-board re-clocker and more
Roland Professional A/V VR-4HD Audio Switcher
Roland V-1SDI Video Switcher
Roland V-C1 Video Converter
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With a well-known name like Roland

It is no surprise that Roland has been continually selected in the top 100 companies for streaming products by Streaming Media Magazine eyear-over-year since 2012. It also comes as no surprise that Roland’s affordable and portable line of A/V products have found a home at Stream Dudes.

From A/V Converters to All-in-One A/V Mixers

From A/V Converters to All-In-One A/V Mixers, Roland products can easily provide solutions for any workflow. Leading with products to address the needs of  houses of worship, clubs/casinos, theaters/performing arts venues and corporations, Roland Pro A/V offers a robust lineup of solutions.

Although Roland Pro A/V offers an extensive offering of products, here are a few handpicked selections from “the Dudes:”

As you can see, Stream Dudes is continually growing to meet your needs and specific applications. Roland Pro A/V adds critical video production components to our already extensive lineup, while allowing us to provide our customers with quality and affordable streaming solutions. To learn more about Roland and how their products can help you, Contact Us for personalized workflow guidance.

Roland Professional AV
About Roland Professional A/V

Roland’s Professional A/V division is dedicated to providing solutions in support of video and audio professionals demanding excellence in both performance and functionality. Through the development and support of video and audio products, Roland Pro AV endeavors to improve workflow and maximize creative possibilities in a variety of markets including live event production, live streaming, education, corporate meetings, worship, videography and gaming. Roland Pro AV is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. For more information, please visit