A Winning Combination for a Customized Production Experience

Professional video production has never been more personalized than with VidBlasterX and Stream Dudes. Like many of our other recommended broadcast solutions, Stream Dudes found the unique modularity and solid performance found in VidBlasterX a winning combination for content producers looking for a customized production experience.

Professional Video Production on Your Terms

VidBlasterX unites the power of a multicamera switcher with frame synchronizers, video playback, high-quality recording, keying and more. The modular design of VidBlasterX makes it possible to design your workflow for your specific production needs. VidBlasterX can grow from a versatile vision mixer used to drive video boards, to a fully functional, broadcast and streaming solution with slow-motion, instant replay.

VidBlasterX Features:

Ultra-Low Latency
Low input to output signal flow makes VidBlasterX an ideal choice for live event production and IMAG output .

A proprietary feature called SyncLok reduces problems with mismatched video and offset audio.

NDI and IP Stream Inputs
Go beyond physical inputs with the power of NDI and Network-based video streams (see case study).

Broadcast-Quality Instant Replay
Available multi-channel, slow-motion, instant replay brings network-quality production to any budget.

Chroma Key
A powerful, built-in keyer allows you to use a green or blue screen for virtual sets or a custom, virtual background.

Global Video Standard Support
Switching between NTSC and PAL standards is simple and makes VidBlasterX a truly global production solution.

Built-In Character Generator
Add text and lower-third graphics into any production without the need for additional hardware or software.

DSKs and Overlays
Overlay text, graphics and animations in real-time, from a variety of sources.

Media Playback with Support for Transparency & Album Art
Advanced media player supports a variety of video formats and MP3 audio (with album art).

Capture Windows Programs to Use as Sources
Easily bring in documents, spreadsheets, video conferences, or any other content from Windows directly into your production with the Windows Capture Module.

PowerPoint Integration and Control
The PowerPoint module adds the ability to not only use a PowerPoint presentation as a source, but to also advance slides and control the presentation from within VidBlasterX.

Multiple Resolution Support
SD, HD and up to 4K resolutions are available for mixing, recording and web streaming.

Modular Audio Mixer
Built-in audio mixing is easy to see, control and to utilize for a variety of needs.

Advanced API Commands and Triggers
Professional automation is made possible via the included TCP Server Module, making the remote triggering of a variety of events within VidBlasterX possible.

Macros and Custom Scripting
Execute multiple, customizable tasks with a single push of a button.

Simple Web Capture
Perfect for capturing dynamic content from a website or scoreboard data.

Editions for Every Need and Budget
Choose from home, studio and broadcast editions of VidBlasterX to best fit your need and budget (Try VidBlasterX for FREE).

The Dude PC for VidBlaster

For the best experience with VidBlasterX, we recommend the Dude PC for VidBlaster. Originally designed with VidBlasterX software in mind, the Dude PC for VidBlaster is a 16-core powerhouse that easily can run any edition of VidBlasterX while still being affordable and expandable. To learn more about the the Dude PC for Vidblaster, click here.

About VidBlaster

VidBlasterX is a multiple camera, multiple source, video production and recording solution that easily can scale to any size production. Developed by Mike Versteeg, a software developer with over 20 years of experience, VidBlasterX was designed to be high-quality, yet easy to use. To learn more about VidBlasterX go to https://www.vidblasterx.com or read about features and how-tos at https://help.vidblasterx5.com