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Encoding & Decoding Solutions Made in the U.S.A.

Videon is a home-grown company with real video encoding and decoding solutions for real people.

Founded in 1997, Videon has led the way in encoding technology by manufacturing components for other companies and professional applications. Building upon their experience, Videon offers reliable, and easy-to-operate video encoding/decoding solutions.

Unique for its price-point, the VersaStreamer series (HDMI / SDI / 4K) of encoders/decoders provide content producers the ability to encode or decode HD-quality video in a single box. With an easy to understand web-based interface, users can either stream live video simultaneously to (up to three ‘3’) of their favorite streaming platforms (like Amazon Web Services, YouTube, or Facebook), or decode (think pull down) from another server or live stream. This makes the VersaStreamer series affordable, dual-purpose solutions.

HDMI-Only Encoding/Decoding Solution

If your workflow is HDMI-only, the VersaStreamer HDMI packs the same, great features of it’s similar SDI and 4K versions, for a bit less. Constructed using the same quality as all Videon products, the U.S.-built VersaStreamer HDMI brings quality streaming to any production. 

Affordable, Ultra-Low Latency 4K Encoding 

4K streaming is here and much more affordable than before. Videon developed the EdgeCaster in support of lower-cost, lower-latency live streaming. The EdgeCaster is designed to use an edge compute encoding system that bypasses a layer of cloud-based processing, resulting in latency of under four (4) seconds (from camera capture to playback, over public internet connections).  The design also includes forward error correction and full duplex encoding/decoding (simultaneous bidirectional).

To learn how to improve your remote productions, or speak with a product specialists, Contact Stream Dudes for a customized workflow consultation.

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About Videon

Videon is a world-leading provider of ultra-low latency, high-resolution, high-performance streaming solutions that enable users in the prosumer, pro-AV, and broadcast markets to simplify streaming workflows and reduce costs. Videon has also partnered with top software brands around the globe to incorporate its technology solutions into millions of devices. Videon actively supports its employees, its community, and the environment by emphasizing the belief that employees should care more about others than they do about themselves. More information is available at