Reach your Extended Flock with Stream Dudes' Solutions for Houses of Worship
Reach your Extended Flock with Stream Dudes' Solutions for Houses of Worship
Reach your Extended Flock with Stream Dudes' Solutions for Houses of Worship
Reach your Extended Flock with Stream Dudes' Solutions for Houses of Worship
Stream your church service live
Stream your church service live
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Reach your Extended Flock with Stream Dudes’ Solutions for Houses of Worship

Share the message of your congregation with streaming solutions created specifically for Houses of Worship (HoW). Our streaming workflows (what’s a workflow, anyway?) are designed to provide all of the necessary gear to broadcast and deliver your message to your congregation. Available in a variety of configurations and price points, Stream Dudes provides houses of worship with simple options for selecting the right equipment. Most importantly, because we understand that budgets can be tight, we are always willing to allow for some customization to create the streaming package best-suited to you and your extended congregation’s needs.

HoW Simple: Single Camera Workflow

Getting started in the world of live streaming neither has to be expensive, nor convoluted. Our UniCam Streaming Workflow is perfect for smaller congregations who don’t have space for a lot of equipment, or for people trying to stream live for the very first time. Utilizing either a new or an existing camera, this streaming workflow is simplistic, yet effective.

Sample Single-Camera Broadcast Workflow for Houses of Worship
HoW Simple: UniCam Streaming Workflow
HoW Simple UniCam configuration includes:

(1) Network video encoder
(3) Microphones
(1) Audio controller
(1) Camera
(1) Network router

HoW Clever: Two-Camera Workflow

Growing a production within a HoW is a sign of success. Giving viewers “more to see” engages curiosity and helps draw more worshippers into your congregation. The DuoCam Streaming Workflow for HoW is the next logical progression for HoWs wanting to share more of their message.

Add Overlay Graphics, Lyrics/Verses

Building upon the concept of our UniCam Streaming Workflow, our DuoCam Streaming Workflow adds the ability to bring in overlay graphics, lyrics/verses from another computer, control a remote camera, and makes your stream more engaging. 

HoW Clever: DuoCam Streaming Workflow
HoW Clever DuoCam configuration includes:

(1) The Dude PC (all-in-one video production solution)
(1) PTZ camera
(1) Shoulder camera
(1) Projector
(1) Video control surface interface
(1) Audio mixer
(1) Network router w/PoE
(3) Microphones

HoW Impressive: Four-Camera Workflow

Bringing your word to life with multiple cameras has never been easier. Designed for ease of use and for ease of integration, our MultiCam Streaming Workflow for HoW is a great solution for medium to larger houses of worship.

Centralized Workstation Helps Provide Maximum Coverage

Utilizing the IP video and control, live streaming, recording, social media integration and more, are all handled from a centralized workstation. This step helps in providing maximum coverage without the need for a minimum crew.

HoW Impressive: MultiCam Workflow
HoW Impressive MultiCam configuration includes:

(1) The Dude PC All-in-One Video Production Solution
(4) Cameras
(1) Network router w/PoE
(1) Projector
(3) Microphones
(1) Audio mixer
(3) Monitors

Whether you are a video professional seeking to upgrade your current workflow to high definition (HD), or even 4K; or a hobbyist looking to get their congregation streaming video for the first time, Stream Dudes is here to help. Our team has extensive experience with web streaming and is available to answer your questions.