AirFly Controller by  Skaarhoj
PTZ Fly Controller by Skaarhoj
XC8 Instant Replay Controller by Skaarhoj
PTZ Wiz PTZ Camera Controller
RCPv2 Camera Controller by Skaarhoj
Skaarhoj Air Fly Pro Controller
Skaarhoj PTZ Fly Controller
Slaarhoj XC8 Instant Replay controller
Skaarhoj PTZ Wiz, PTZ Camera Controller
Skaarhoj RCPv2 Camera Controller
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If your Equipment is IP-based, Skaarhoj can Control it

Having the ability to control your broadcast equipment is essential for a professional production. Whether it be a switcher, a camera, or a recorder. Chances are, if the equipment is IP-based, then Skaarhoj can control it. 

Ingeniously Designed UniSketch Operating System

With its ingeniously designed UniSketch OS, Skaarhoj controllers are capable of controlling multiple devices from a single surface. This not only makes it easy for a single operator to manage an entire production, but it also saves money by allowing a single controller to manage multiple pieces of equipment.

Skaarhoj gives producers more control than almost any other solution available today. With its IP-based infrastructure, Skaarhoj controllers can–not only control devices that are on the same network, but with the right networking setup–control cloud-based and other devices across the web as well. 

People entrust the Stream Dudes to help them find the right equipment for their broadcasts or webcasts. To learn more about the full line of Skaarhoj products or to place an order, Contact Us for more information.

About Skaarhoj

SKAARHOJ ( is enthusiastically operated out of the Copenhagen area in the Kingdom of Denmark. Our charming country has a prince and a princess, green pastures, blonde girls, some 16+ million slaugtherpigs and now also universal broadcast controllers, thanks to us! We have designed and manufactured broadcast controllers since 2012, and are backed by a much longer tradition for innovation and dedication through Kasper Skårhøjs excellent career in the international open source community (being the founder of web CMS TYPO3). Together we are a strong team bringing radically customized control solutions to the broadcast market.