NewBlueLIVE Production Solutions: Captivate
Titler Live 5 Broadcast:  Live graphics for every market.
Titler Live 5 Sport:  Sports coverage. Anytime, anywhere.
Titler Live 5 Broadcast:  Live graphics for every market.
Titler Pro 7 | NewBlue FX
TotalFX Live Production Software
NewBlueLive Captivate: Everything you need to enhance your story.
Captivate Broadcast, formerly known as "Titler Live 5 Broadcast" Live Production Software
Captivate Sport, Formerly known as "Titler Live 5 Sport" Live Production Software
Captivate Present, formerly known as "Titler Live 5 Present" Live Production Software
NewBlueFX Titler Pro 7: The faster, smarter way to add stunning titles to your video projects.
NewBlueFX TotalFX: Everything you need to enhance your story.
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Elevate your Broadcasts with Dynamic Graphics

Details matter and the look of the production almost is as important as the content itself. The ability of to incorporating broadcast-grade graphics and elements into a project live, should neither be expensive nor challenging. In response, NewBlue answered the call of content creators with a wide range of easy-to-use and customizable products.

NewBlue LIVE Production

Live productions can be stressful, and nothing can be left to chance; therefore, NewBlue created a wide array of tools/production solutions tailored to the needs of live broadcasting professionals. Specifically, products like Captivate/Titler Live were designed to address these needs. 

With a clean interface, an array of custom functions, and NDI connectivity, the Captivate (formerly referred to as Titler Live) family of products gives you options like:

  • 3D-animated graphics
  • Creation of custom effects
  • Connect with live data from social media and scoreboards (*version dependent) for a truly LIVE experience.
  • Makes it possible to use NewBlue with a variety of production solutions like vMix, TriCaster, Wirecast and more.

NewBlue POST Production

Editors rejoice! NewBlue also offers well-designed tool kits that easily integrate into every major NLE. Never has it been easier to polish your content and quickly give it the finishing touches it deserves. With a complete solution like TotalFX, you now have access to over 1,500 presets in 177 effects.

If you don’t “need it all,” but just want a few quick plug-ins to give some sizzle to your project, NewBlue has you covered. With the ability to affordably pick and choose the elements you need, that professionally finished look comes without the professional price.

People entrust the Stream Dudes to help them find the right equipment for their broadcasts or webcasts. To learn more about NewBlue FX or to place an order, Contact Us for more information.


NewBlue (; Integrated with the best, used by the best. A core value deeply embedded in every solution we deliver—and really every step we take—is to play well with others. Because we know how important seamless integration of video technologies can be to every project. NewBlue products are built to work well within, alongside, and in perfect harmony with the tools you use every day, whether they’re plugins you purchase directly or solutions that we bundle with our partners.

We’ve come a long way since our founding over a decade ago. And though our technology continually grows stronger, one thing remains steadfast: Our unwavering commitment to cut both complexities and costs, and give you—and every broadcaster and video editor—hundreds of solutions for both the post-production and live broadcast environments that give you time to shine.