Nagelbett: Autobahn 4U Video Production Switcher

The Nagelbett series is our most ambitious and daring iteration of our Dude Rack lineup. Leading with performance first and foremost, the Nagelbett series proudly feature: 14- and 18-core Intel processors; the impressive, NVIDIA Ampere RTX GPUs. When paired together, they create the ultimate Dude Rack production solutions.

If the Nagelbett isn’t impressive enough for you—”nothing to be afraid of“—we’ll bring on the extreme. The Nagelbett: Autobahn: (pronounced: nä-gəl-bet \ ȯ-tō-ˌbän) 4U Dude Rack production switcher. Designed with IP (NDI, SRT, MPEG-TS) workflows in mind, the Autobahn prioritizes drive speed and processing power over physical inputs…and ze lingonberry pancakes.

  • Rugged, 4U rack chassis with rails and redundant power supplies
  • Four (4) hot-swap SSD Bays for additional storage
  • vMix Pro Software (pre-installed and professionally-configured)
    • Simultaneously stream to multiple destinations
    • ISO Record in a variety of formats
    • Chroma key and more
    • Slow-motion, instant replay included
  • 12G bi-directional Inputs (Up to 16 inputs; or 14 inputs, 2 outputs)
  • Tenth generation Intel i9 Extreme-series CPU (18-Core)
  • NVIDIA Ampere RTX A5000 GPU
  • Semi-proprietary motherboard
  • 1TB SSD with RAID (choice of RAID 0 or 1)
  • 128GB RAM
  • Dedicated audio card with two (2) TRS inputs and two (2) TRS outputs
  • Exceeds vMix Reference System Diamond Specifications in a more expandable 4U rack!
  • $19,995.00 USD (Plus shipping, handling, and taxes where applicable—Please be advised: Due to current market trends and supply chain volatility, prices and lead times may be subject to change. We thank you for your patience.)
    * Leasing and Financing Available *

vMix Advanced Partner / vMix Reseller

Because we are an Advanced Partner and Reseller of vMix, Stream Dudes is your best resource and knowledge base in the Midwest United States. Carrying this distinctive certification means that you can be assured that you are purchasing from a reputable source who will, above all, not only help you purchase the right vMix solution, but can ensure you receive proper training as well. In addition to helping you purchase a vMix system, we also have the ability to build and custom configure a vMix Reference System to meet your specific needs.

To learn about specific system specifications contact Stream Dudes at or call (715) 972-3833 to speak with a team member. Additionally, visit the Stream Dudes Custom Shop to custom configure your own Dude Rack or Dude PC. Ask us about control surface options, wireless video transmission systems, or network storage solutions to complement your workflow.