South Dakota Cathedral Celebrates New Opportunities with First Video System

Leaders at Cathedral of Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Rapid City, South Dakota install Broadcast Pix-based system for pandemic emergency and find unexpected benefits.

By Church Production Magazine

11 February 2021–The Cathedral of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, located in Rapid City, South Dakota found the Covid lockdowns as frustrating as other churches. But with no previous means of streaming installed they had to start from scratch.

“Back in March [2020], we were shutting down like many other people were and trying to figure out how we could continue to connect with people,” Fr. Brian Christensen explains. “Sunday Service was our top priority, and initially we set up something via Wi-Fi with an iPhone. That was our first line of connection, but while it was easy it wasn’t that reliable, and as we realized that the situation was going to become longer-lasting, we started to think about a solution and an investment that would continue to work in the future.”

They hired Stream Dudes and systems integrator KT Connections, to install a Broadcast Pix FX6 integrated production switcher and upgrade the Cathedral’s existing audio system to include video for the first time.

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