ToolsOnAir Product Information


If you take a look at the solutions we provide here at Stream Dudes, you can tell that we truly pride ourselves on helping people in all industries. When the team decided to choose to offer solutions by ToolsOnAir, we immediately filled a serious void in our product offerings. Based off of a solid Mac-based platform and featuring compatibility with AJA Video Systems I/O cards, ToolsOnAir provides powerful automation, file ingestion, video storage and transport solutions, that are feature rich, but easy to use.

Having the ability to scale up and down to meet your ever changing needs (and budget) is what attracted Stream Dudes to ToolsOnAir and makes it an easy choice to recommend and integrate into a larger production workflow. Whether you are in charge broadcasting weekly services at a house of worship, or scheduling content to be aired on a local government access channel, ToolsOnAir has solutions that you can trust.



just: play:
just: play is an Apple based, 24/7 automated broadcast playout server. just: play plays SD/HD movies, integrates live feeds, router and GPI events as well as real-time graphics including corner logos, lower thirds and tickers that update manually or automated from RSS feeds, XML data sources and remote databases.



just: live:
Designed to meet the fast-paced, time-critical demands of Live TV broadcast, including news, sports and talk shows, just: live streamlines the playout of your on-air videos and real-time graphics. just: live allows you to maintain full control over the attributes of movies and graphics files, during a live production.



just: news:
With its innovative user interface and powerful feature set, ToolsOnAir´s Broadcast Suite enables TV and News stations to easily integrate ENPS, OCTOPUS and OpenMedia newsroom systems. Run stories with professional video and real-time graphic templates for news, weather, stock, sports, and other broadcast events. Final delivery is then achieved through just: live, to create a workflow with fast-paced news environments in mind.



just: in multi:
just: in multi is an innovative Mac-based ingest solution for single-camera, multi-camera, satellite feed or VTR setups. An expandable client-server solution, just: in multi uses the same intuitive user interface as all ToolsOnAir products and offers crash, loop, batch and scheduled recording. It is a perfect solution for many smaller studios with a limited staff.



live: cut:
Designed to make the most of today´s multi-camera productions, live: cut dramatically reduces production time by eliminating many time-consuming production processes. From TV shows, to live concerts and event recordings, live: cut is a powerful solution for any multi-camera production.



composition: builder:
Combining an innovative user interface with a powerful feature set, composition: builder enables small and mid-sized TV stations to easily create and implement, professional real-time graphic templates for news, weather, stock, sports, and other broadcast events. These templates can then be used within just: play and just: live. This is a great graphics alternative to many other costly solutions on the market.


flowrageflow: rage:
For most broadcast professionals, buying storage is like buying life insurance. Both are unloved; both are a must have; and, in both cases, wrong decisions aren’t discovered until it’s too late. Unfortunately, when purchasing storage, broadcasters often make bad choices. After investing in expensive solutions from reputable storage companies, they discover that traditional manufacturers don’t understand broadcast and high-bandwidth multimedia environments.


mbcastmb: cast:
Packed with the latest encoding technology and a sophisticated bundling and caching algorithm, the mb: cast product family lets you transfer video footage wherever you have an internet connection. Video delivery from the shooting location to the TV studio is quick, cost effective and allows for a scalable bandwidth. Meanwhile back at the studio, editors can start working while on-location shooting is still in progress.

An adaptable solution, the mb: cast server is installed at the production site and the free mb: cast streamer software can be provided to an unlimited number of clients. For even greater mobility at the shooting location, use the mb: cast mobile unit. Now equipping freelancers and subcontractors with a reliable video transport solution, has never been easier or more cost effective.


Given the flexibility and customization options for a ToolsOnAir workflow, contact us for more information and let Stream Dudes design a workflow specifically for you.