Stream Dudes: Industry Professionals for Live Streaming Video and Content

At Stream Dudes, our mission is to help our customers create and deliver their content. With over a twenty years of web streaming and live video production experience, we provide expert advice and simple solutions to get your content where it needs to go. We are experienced with helping businesses, governments, Houses of Worship and schools with streaming solutions that produce professional results. We are also a well-respected industry resource for knowledge on live streaming and content delivery. It is this knowledge, that led JVC Videocloud and JVC Professional Video to select our Co-Founder John Basile to host a series of informational videos regarding web streaming with their products.

One Great Team Working With Another

As experienced content producers ourselves, we take pride in designing and recommending solutions that we would personally feel comfortable using in our own productions. This is why we created several equipment packages that provide people with the RIGHT tools needed to stream their events, or easily share their content with the world.
We want to make sure that your focus is on producing quality content, rather than on how it is delivered. The solutions, workflows and tools we offer are created and selected with ease of use and reliability in mind. We want to see our customers successfully deliver their message, which is why we take a personal approach to finding the right solution for you.
So why buy from Stream Dudes? Well for starters, we have ESP. Unlike like Dionne Warwick, our ESP is real and won’t cost you $2.99 per minute either! Let us explain how ESP with Stream Dudes works for you:


We KNOW streaming- Hey, it’s right in our name! When you ask for guidance or recommendations from Stream Dudes, you are getting over a decade of real-world streaming and video production experience at your fingertips. If you are encountering an issue with your current workflow, know that we have a solution to your problem. Being experienced gives us an advantage when it comes to recommending products and designing workflows that work for you.


To be honest, you CAN purchase almost everything we sell at another reseller or big online retailer, but who can you trust to give you honest answers for a specific product? Who can YOU call to help you with support after the sale? Who is willing to listen you, your needs, and best understand your workflow? We are! Remember, we don’t sell products- we sell solutions that are specific to your needs.


Okay, we know there are several massive online retailers that offer what appear to be massive savings. Now in a lot of cases this is true, but it is seldom that Stream Dudes has not been able to meet or BEAT their advertised price on the same product. In fact, in those rare instances that we couldn’t- we actually advised people on who had the BEST deal and where to go. This ties in with individualized service, that no web superstore can offer.

In addition to providing people with the tools needed to stream live video, we have also collaborated with Intrepid Data to bring you VR, AR, live 360 video and customized app solutions. At Stream Dudes, we offer complete “lens to screen” workflows that even include website design and SEO. Our continuous commitment to “do right” by our customers defines us as Stream Dudes and we welcome you to Contact Us to lean more about the ways we can help you succeed.