What is MOG Technologies?

What is MOG Technoloiges?

It is no secret that our mission at Stream Dudes is to help people create and deliver content. As part of that process, we help our clients find solutions dedicated to meeting their specific needs. Being aware that no two workflows are alike, Stream Dudes has forged a relationship with MOG Technologies to help bring standardization, efficiency, and simplicity to file-based environments.

MOG Makes it Easier to Share Files

MOG is a leader in Centralized Ingest Solutions, Cloud Services and MXF Development Tools. Designed for and Stream Dudes Can Help You Find the Right MOG Workflow for Youutilized by the broadcast industry, MOG has over a decade of experience helping broadcasters ensure that interoperability exists between systems and file formats. Simply stated: MOG offers an efficient way to unify file types and formats from a variety of sources, making it easier to share files for collaboration or distribution.

o Need to accept multiple file formats at Once?
o Does your Avid machine spend hours ingesting rather than editing?
o Need your file immediately, in multiple locations and formats?


Keeping with the theme of efficiency, MOG is proud to introduce SKYWATCH– an enterprise platform that allows for complete workflow supervision via automated monitoring of each, individual process. Completely customizable by design, SKYWATCH provides managers with factual data regarding their specific workflow and production goals. SKYWATCH is also a useful tool for predicting future project resources, based on current and historical data. These tools combined, help to ensure that overall performance and efficiency are optimal for each and every project.

Learn More About SKYWATCH Management from Stream Dudes

o Receive actionable alerts based on your production workflow.
o Workflow analytics you need to know.

MOG is a leading solutions provider for broadcasters and content producers, looking to optimize their production workflows. Tailored to meet any production need or budget, MOG offers the right tools needed to ingest and share files. To learn more about how MOG can help with asset management, along with adding simplicity to existing workflows, Contact Us for more information.

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About MOG Technologies S.A.

MOG provides innovative products and solutions to broadcasters, post-production houses, outside broadcasters, mobile studios and live-feed productions with the main ambition to explore a new professional market based on the development of centralized ingest solutions for the end-user broadcaster. Visit MOG Technologies to learn more about their products.