Dude PC powered by VidBlasterX

The Dude PC for VidBlaster

Experience the power of VidBlasterX as a complete system with The Dude PC for VidBlaster. Earning its name from the 16-Core, AMD Ryzen CPU that is the heart of this production-ready powerhouse, this Dude PC Thrwas specifically designed for VidBlasterX. Like all our other variations of The Dude PC, you can expect performance and value drive our innovation.

Designed to Exceed Recommended System Specs

The Dude PC for VidBlaster  features:

  • Hybrid cube case design
  • 16-core, AMD Ryzen CPU
  • Latest series of NVIDIA GPUs
  • NVMe memory standard
  • Three-year warranty
  • Starting price of only $3,795.00 USD

Factory-built, quality tested and backed by a three-year hardware warranty, The Dude PC is ready to go live whenever you are.

To learn about specific system specifications or to custom configure your own Dude PC, email us at info@streamdudes.com or call (715) 972-3833 to speak with a team member. Ask us about control surface options, wireless video transmission systems, or network storage solutions to complement your workflow.