Switchblade Systems Old

It is not too often that we come across a single device that can be legitimately called a solution on its own. When we first laid hands on the Switchblade Flyk, that is the exact word we used to described this multi-function, mini powerhouse. The palm-sized Flyk proved that there is no longer a need to spend a lot of money for an all-in-one video production solution. Since the big introduction of the little (only 4″ squared) Flyk, Switchblade Systems has grown to include more options for content producers.

Flyk & Splyce:
The first truly “mini” all-in-one broadcasting solution. Built around the powerful vMix production software, the Switchblade Flyk and Splyce offer the ability to stream live video, playback video clips, record in a variety of formats, chroma key, overlay graphics and much more. Utilizing the input and output features of NDI, these powerful systems are perfect for any podcaster, or for any professional who needs affordability and portability in their broadcasts.

Flyk & Splyce Feature:

  • vMix Production Software (Pre-Installed)
  • 1 SDI Input (2 SDI Inputs on Splyce)
  • NewBlue FX Express (Splyce)
  • Virtual Set Pack (Splyce)
  • Upgraded Plus and Pro Models Available
  • Prices Starting at $1,350.00 (Plus S&H and Tax Where Applicable)


Switchblade Rayzor:
Compact in size, but BIG on production power. The Rayzor may be small enough to fit into a backpack, but it has the power to run an entire production. (4) SDI inputs, NDI, SSD for storage and a real GPU all come together inside of the Switchblade Rayzor. There is no longer a need to compromise performance, when trying to save on equipment size.

Switchblade Rayzor Features:

  • A Compact, Lightweight, Design (8.39″ W x 3.22″ H x 6.08″ D)
  • vMix 4K Production Software (Pre-Installed)
  • Intel i7-7700 CPU
  • 512GB SSD
  • (4) HD-SDI Inputs
  • (4) USB 3.1 Type-A Ports
  • (1) USB 3.1 Type-C Port
  • NewBlue FX Express
  • See an Unboxing of the Rayzor by Switchblade by Clicking Here
  • As Spec’d- $4,995.00 (Plus S&H and Tax Where Applicable)


Switchblade 2U & 4U:
Building a rackmount vMix Reference System can be a daunting task. The skilled team at Switchblade Systems has done a great job building a solid system at a good price. These vMix-powered rack units are a great balance between power and price.

Switchblade 2U and 3U Feature:

  • vMix Production Software (Pre-Installed)
  • 4-8 HDMI or SDI Inputs (2U)
  • 4-16 HDMI or SDI Inputs (4U)
  • Removable SSD Bays
  • NewBlue FX Complete
  • Virtual Set Pack
  • 4K Input Systems Available
  • Prices Starting at $4995.00 (Plus S&H and Tax Where Applicable)


Switchblade Turbo Complete:
Exactly as the name implies, this is truly a complete broadcasting solution. More than just a powerful suitcase-sized switcher, the Switchblade Turbo Complete also gives you (2) 4K cameras, a portable IP control surface, a full graphics suite, and more. This solution gives you more than you bargained for… in a good way.

Switchblade Turbo Complete Includes:

  • Suitcase-Style Design w/Built-in 17″ Monitor
  • vMix 4K Production Software (Pre-Installed)
  • Intel i7-8700K CPU
  • 250GB M.2 SSD
  • (4) HD-SDI Inputs
  • (4) 4K HDMI Inputs
  • (2) Removable SSD Bays
  • (2) AIDA Imaging 4K HDMI Cameras
  • (1) Skaarhoj MiniFly IP Control Surface
  • NewBlue FX Express
  • As Spec’d- $11,995.00 (Plus S&H and Tax Where Applicable)


See how we get the most out of these systems by looking at our Dude Packs and equipment solutions designed for the House of WorshipEducation, or Government Broadcasting markets. For more information, simply Contact Us to learn more or to place an order.