Switchblade Systems

Switchblade-Flyk "mini” all-in-one broadcasting solution
Small and Powerful Switchblade-Rayzor
Switchblade-2u4U Rack-mounted vmix production system
Turbo: Powerful Suitcase-sized complete vMix broadcasting solution
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It is not too often that we encounter a single device that can legitimately be called a “solution on its own.” When Stream Dudes first laid hands on the Switchblade Flyk, that is the exact phrase we used. This multi-function video production system is a mini powerhouse. The palm-sized Flyk broadcaster–by Switchblade–proves that there no longer is a need to go broke for an all-in-one video production solution. Since the big introduction of the little (only 4″ squared) Flyk, Switchblade Systems has grown to include more options for content producers.

See how Stream Dudes gets the most out of these systems by looking at our Dude Packs and other broadcast packages/solutions designed for Houses of WorshipEducation, or Government Broadcasting. For more information, simply Contact Stream Dudes to learn more or to place an order.