SlingStudio- Affordable, Wireless, Multi-Camera, Live Streaming

Getting involved with cutting edge video production technology and new solutions for streaming live video is what makes Stream Dudes great at what we do. IP video production is here and now, and the SlingStudio makes using this versatile technology easier than ever. Utilizing the SlingStudio Hub as a compact base station, a Wi-Fi network, CameraLink modules for wireless video transmission, and the SlingStudio Console App as a controller- multi-camera video production has just became very affordable and very easy to use.

Small enough to fit into a backpack, but robust enough to wirelessly connect and live switch up to 10 devices (including smartphones and tablets), the SlingStudio is in a category by itself. Easily switch live between video sources, stream to Facebook, YouTube, Livestream, or any RTMP destination, and record simultaneously- all within one easy workflow. Adding the optional USB-C Expander to the SlingStudio Hub will allow you to have wired Ethernet connectivity and add additional storage drives for increased recording capabilities.

Speaking of recording, the SlingStudio can create up to 7 different recording streams- including camera feeds, program recording, and even a quad view. Files can be exported to Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Final Cut Pro X with ease and are automatically time-aligned for faster editing. If 4K is what you desire, you can create a UHD program recording with higher quality codec plug-ins. With the SlingStudio, you get a great streaming solution that is portable, functional, and affordable.

The SlingStudio represents the next generation in affordable video production and streaming solutions. Stream Dudes is excited to bring you this technology and is here to help you find the right workflow for your needs. With prices starting at just $999 and the ability to access a team of streaming video professionals, purchasing a SlingStudio solution from Stream Dudes just makes sense. To order or custom configure your own Dude PC, email us at or call (715) 972-3833 to speak with a team member.