Quicklink Video Over IP and Skype Broadcast Solutions


Helping people to create and deliver their content is our mission at Stream Dudes. Providing people with the right tools, we make that task even easier for our customers. Quicklink shares a similar vision and offers some great solutions to make your broadcasts interactive and engaging.


tx_multi-1The Quicklink TX Multi and TX Quad are ideal solutions for simple viewer engagement. Easy to use and affordable, the Quicklink TX allows producers to add Skype calls to any talk show, news program, or public forum. Viewers or reporters can now be a part of the show without the need for a complex workflow. All participants need is access to a Skype-enabled device and now they are live and a part of the discussion.


midi-backpackFor those times when the entire show needs to be “live on location,” Quicklink has the encoding tools you need. Offering intelligent encoding software for Mac or PC, to a 1U hardware encoder for ENG trucks or in the studio, there is a simple solution. Making remote broadcasting easier, the Midi Backpack sends low latency video over a bonded cellular (and/or WiFi network) connection back to the studio. Now your show can go wherever you want.


enterprise-serverBack in the studio, Quicklink has your content handled with the Enterprise and Enterprise Quad 2 playout servers. Designed to effortlessly receive, decode, manage and play out live (or recorded) video, these servers simply your workflow. Complete with a clean user interface, these servers give producers and program directors the versatility needed in today’s world of content delivery.


Sharing a similar approach as Stream Dudes, Quicklink specializes in solutions that are simple to use and versatile. To learn more about how Quicklink can help improve your workflows, Contact Us for more information.