Internet Anywhere

The biggest challenge facing remote broadcasters today is quality internet connectivity. Although you can try and use a phone as a hotspot; What do you do if and when your phone has little to no reception? Its time to call upon MR•NET and get internet anywhere.

Bonded Cellular

MR•NET is an all-in-one, bonded cellular and network router solution that is easy to use, but could potentially be the lifeline that saves your broadcast.

Aggregating the bandwidth of three cellular connections—along with the ability to add a wired internet connection as well—MR•NET not only ensures that you get plenty of bandwidth needed for streaming video, but it also adds peace of mind by ensuring seamless failover between connections as bandwidth fluctuates. The best part is, MR•NET is truly a plug-n-play, turnkey solution and requires nothing more than plugging in the power and connecting your devices via ethernet or WiFi. There is no need to setup SIM cards, or accounts with cellular carriers. 

How Does it Work?

So how does it work? MR•NET comes from the factory with three (3) SIM cards preinstalled and setup in the on-board modems. These modems are then “bonded” via a cloud server to not only ensure performance, but it also ties into your MR•NET account portal so you can keep track of usage and cost. Best of all, AI-based failure detection and 24/7 personalized support are included as well to further minimize the risk of downtime. Meaning, you can focus on your production and not your connection. This is why MR•NET needs to be in any serious broadcaster’s gear bag.

To learn how to MR•NET can improve your remote productions, or speak with a product specialists, Contact Stream Dudes for a customized workflow consultation.

About MR•NET

MR.NET® is a registered trademark of MOTIONRAY INC.