Minrray UV510A HD PTZ Camera

Good Cameras. Great Value.

Stream Dudes is pleased to introduce you to a camera company who believes that good PTZ cameras also can be a great value. Since 2002, Minrray has been making affordable, yet good quality cameras for spaces like conference rooms and houses of worship, and uses like lecture capture and more. Minrray prides itself on its ability to provide its customers the most feature per dollar, so even if your budgets are tight…Minrray is here to help!

Although Minrray features many cameras and solutions, we have narrowed our focus onto one particular model: UV510A.

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About Minrray

SHENZHEN MINRRAY INDUSTRY CO., LTD was founded in 2002, a leading unified communication camera manufacturer that integrates Research, Development, Manufacturing and Sales. We have customers in China, USA, UK, France, Australia, Italy, Korea, Brazil, India, Germany, Mexico, South Africa, Denmark, Canada, Hongkong, Taiwan, Chile, Thailand, and Middle East Area and so on. Minrray products are widely used into various Video conferencing system, Collaboration system, Education System, Tele-medicine, Government Projects, Office system and so on. With Excellent Quality, High Cost Performance, and 1st Class services, we got trusted and good supported from customers worldwide. https://minriglory.com