From Here to Modernity: Two Roads to Live Streaming Your Church Services

Two paths to streaming: Guided tour or DIY

By John Basile

As seen in Religious Product News June 2024

To stream or not to stream? That is the question. The answer is quite simple, STREAM! In the current world in which we live, how can you not? For houses of worship, dipping your toes into the world of live streaming need be neither expensive, nor convoluted. Contrary to widely held belief, streaming your sermons live is not terribly difficult provided you have the right tools and guidance.

In our experience supporting congregations of varying sizes and requirements we found that each location, no matter the size encountered the same fork in the road leading to the live streaming of their services to their congregation. Two roads, two disparate live streaming experiences await each house of worship as they approach this junction. One: Do it yourself (DIY). Should you embark on the live streaming journey on your own? or Two: Guided. Do you contact an expert to help guide you to the promised land?

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