Dude Packs- Streaming Equipment Packages

Dude Packs: Streaming Equipment Packages

Streaming quality video across the web isn’t terribly difficult so long as you have the right equipment. At Stream Dudes, our team came up with several pre-designed solutions called Dude Packs, which gives you everything needed to produce and stream high-quality video at affordable prices. In addition to supplying you with the “right gear,” our Dude Packs arrive pre-configured, and were intended to make setup and operation as simple as possible.

Dude Pack Flyk

Streaming your first live event should not be a difficult task, and the Due Pack Flyk makes it easy to produce a quality broadcast. The vMix HD-based Switchblade Flyk and the Decimator Design MD-LX converter allow you to stream and record from almost any camera, while still being able to add overlay graphics or switch between pre-produced assets. Perfect for the first time webcaster or for someone looking to add a powerful encoder to an existing workflow, the Dude Pack Flyk is a great choice!

Dude Pack Flyk Includes:
(1)  Switchblade Flyk (Intel NUC-based PC w/1 SDI Input and SDI Loop-Through)
(1) vMix Basic HD Production Software (Pre-Installed)
(1) Mackie Onyx Blackjack USB Audio Interface
(1) Decimator Design MD-LX HDMI/SDI Bi-Directional Converter
(1) Pelican 1510 Carry-On Rolling Case
(1) Custom Cable Kit
$1,895.00 (Plus Shipping and Tax Where Applicable)

Dude Pack VR4-HD

When the team at Stream Dudes first laid hands on the Roland VR4-HD switcher, we were immediately impressed with the design and functionality. We saw a lot of potential with the VR-4HD, and combining it with the vMix powered Switchblade Flyk gives endless possibilities. Ideal for either an A/V presentation or simple switching between multiple cameras, the Dude Pack VR4-HD gives you the power to stream or take advantage of NDI technology.

Dude Pack VR4-HD Includes:

(1) Roland VR4-HD Audio/Video Mixer
(1)  Switchblade Flyk (Intel NUC-based PC w/1 SDI Input and SDI Loop-Through)
(1) vMix Basic HD Production Software (Pre-Installed)
(1) X-Keys XK-24 USB Keypad
(1) Pelican 1510 Carry-On Rolling Case
(1) Custom Cable Kit
$4,625.00 (Plus Shipping and Tax Where Applicable)

Dude Pack Switch 4

Cut the wires and take your broadcast with you wherever you go! The portable and powerful Production Bot Switch 4 makes it easy to take your production on the road. Paired with the ultra low-latency Cosmo 400 wireless video systems, your viewers can be taken deep into the action as your cameras can have the freedom to roam around. Switching is made easy via vMix 4K software as is streaming to a variety of destinations simultaneously.

Dude Pack Switch 4 Includes:

(1) Production Bot Switch 4 w/4 SDI-Inputs/Outputs (*Switch 8 Available Upon Request*)
(1) Fully Licensed Copy of vMix 4K Production Software (Pre-Installed)
(2) Hollyland Cosmo 400 Wireless Video Systems
(1) Eartec UltraLITE and Hub Wireless Intercom Kit (6-Person)
(1) X-Keys XKE-124 T-Bar Control Surface
(1) Mackie ProFX8 USB Audio Mixer
(1) Pelican 1630 Rolling Case
(1) Custom Cable Kit
$15,995.00 (Plus Shipping and Tax Where Applicable)

Although our pre-configured Dude Packs are designed to meet the needs of most customers, we also offer customization options to any Dude Pack. To learn more about how Stream Dudes can help you find the right equipment or to create a custom quote, Contact Us for personalized assistance.