MD-Cross 2 Converter
DecimatorDesign: Decimator 2 mini converter
Decimator Design DMON-16S mini multiViewer
DecimatorDesign MD-Cross2
DecimatorDesign: Decimator 2 mini converter
Decimator Design DMON-16S mini multiViewer
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Decimator Design: Useful Tools for your Video Production Arsenal

Having the right tools for the job is essential to the success of any production. Being able to convert signals and split signals easily and efficiently can make the difference between a successful broadcast, or no broadcast at all. The Stream Dudes team knows the importance of having useful tools in your arsenal, which is why we really like what Decimator Design has to offer.

Leading with Functionality and Affordability

Leading with functionality and affordability, Decimator Design products have been the talk among broadcast professionals in the industry. From affordable signal converters with built-in scaling, to MultiViewers that can efficiently turn any monitor into an array of input sources, Decimator has a solution to meet your needs. Here are a few featured products that we recommend:

People entrust the Stream Dudes to help them find the right equipment for their broadcasts or webcasts. To learn more about the full line of Decimator Design products or to place an order, Contact Us for more information.

About Decimator Design

Decimator Design ( is an Australian-based company that is dedicated to the design and manufacture of advanced video broadcast solutions.

Products such as the flagship Decimator and now the Decimator 2 have set new industry standards for high-quality, cost-effective broadcast equipment solutions. Not just satisfied with the success of the Decimator 2, Decimator Design has also added the award winning DMON-12S, DMON-6S, DMON-4S, MD-QUAD, MD-DUCC and MD-CROSS to its impressive product line-up.

Decimator Design’s products are known worldwide for their quality and reliability, making it an easy choice for any engineer or media professional.