“Hello, I’m James Jackson lead pastor Fervent Prayer Church in Indianapolis, Indiana.  I want to thank the Stream Dudes for the wonderful job that they did in helping us to dramatically improve our streaming here at the Fervent Prayer Church. Prior to Coronavirus-19, we were already in the process of upgrading  all of our streaming equipment using Stream Dudes. Even though the global pandemic caused a lot of slow downs and stoppage, and things that were being done to make things better, Stream Dudes found a way to make it happen. Ever since our upgrade we have been able to reach more people and things have been going better than we ever expected. I want to thank Stream Dudes for their professionalism; for the depth of their knowledge in streaming and streaming quality; and for delivering on what they said they would be able to do to help us reach more people for Jesus Christ.  If you’re looking for an affordable, and–not only that–but one of the best streaming sources in the country, I recommend Stream Dudes. Thank you.”

James W. Jackson
Lead Pastor

Fervent Prayer Outreach Ministries

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