ADL Productions quickly is building a name for themselves as the “go to” company in the live streaming of strongman competitions nationwide, and others. Checkout some of their equipment as Don walks you through their set-up in the video below:

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About ADL Pro Live

ADL LIVE (The LIVE is what we do, All Day Long -ADL- is when we do it)

After spending almost three decades as a handheld cameraman for travel TV shows around the world and filming major live-action sports all over North America, COVID shut down the world, and certainly my cameraman career.

ADL LIVE was born out of the COVID era. 

We identified a major shift in global audience viewing habits, the world was watching LIVE STREAMS of niche strength sports in unprecedented numbers and it was clear we would never return back to traditional TV for pro/am strength sports again.

Based out of Austin, Texas, we are a family-run live event production company solely-owned and operated by Don and Nancy Souza. 

ADL started in our home state of Texas.
  • 2000, In our first year we live streamed approximately 20 amateur strongman and powerlifting shows in Texas. 
  • 2021, In our second year we live streamed approximately 15 amateur strongman shows and expanded adding MMA and bodybuilding to our portfolio.
  • 2022, In our third year the new business fog was lifting, it was becoming clear that ADL LIVE was fast becoming the most trusted live event production company in North American strength sports. It’s fair to say ADL live streamed strength sports events 30 of the 52 weekends available in the calendar year of 2022.
  • 2023, Heading into our 4th year, ADL can now reflect back on our clients such as The Arnold, The Shaw Classic, ASM- America’s Strongest Man, OSG- Official Strongman Games, Australia’s Strongest Man, The Legions Sports Fest, The MELEE MMA Fight Series, and so many more that have put their live event productions in our hands, we look back on that growth and use that momentum to set our sights on the future. And in our sights? More MMA, we would love a couple of large high end major corporate events, and most definitely establish an ADL footprint in the UK along with the KAOS brand.

Although ADL LIVE keeps its individual client viewer information private, we can share a few overview details.

ADL LIVE will be viewed by over 100,000 strength sports viewers around the world in 2023.

ADL LIVE will live stream from 15 states in 2023.

ADL LIVE will live stream from Australia in 2023.

ADL LIVE will live stream 3 strength shows in the UK in 2023.

ADL LIVE will introduce “LIVE Channels” in 2023 becoming the first brand to offer fully-managed live stream backend solutions for future live content providers.

The World’s Strongest Athletes are on America’s Strongest Live Stream

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