Live HDMI Output: One of the Best Reasons to Fly a 3DR Solo Drone

My first real introduction to 3D Robotics (3DR) was by way of their IRIS+ drone. With its “Follow-Me” technology, pre-programmed flight missions, and ability to utilize a GoPro camera, the IRIS+ proved to be such a compelling package that I purchased one for myself. Although I had some flight experience with (much) more basic drones, I wasn’t truly prepared for …

How Do I Stream my Live Webcasts in 4K?

“How do I stream my live webcasts in 4K?” I won’t lie- this question makes me cringe worse than nails on a chalkboard. Now, my cringing reaction isn’t because they asked a terrible question, but rather because of the infrastructure limitations that exist at the current moment. The biggest culprit that currently hinders the explosion of streaming 4K Ultra High Definition