AxelTech XTV TV Automation
AxelTech You Mix Advanced broadcast Composer
AxelTech VJ Pro Software
AxelTech XMAM Multimedia Asset Managment solution
AxelTech Mr. Light RGB: On-Air Signal Lamp
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AxelTech XMAM Media Asset Management Solutions
AxelTech Mr. Light RGB Multi-purpose On Air Signal Lamp
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Easy-to-use Products, Stellar Customer Service

For years, we have been on the search to find the most complete and comprehensive companion to our already amazing lineup of video production and streaming solutions. Many had promise, many failed to become “Dude Approved,” but then AxelTech entered the game, and it was all changed for the good. Combining an easy-to-use suite of products with an array of functionality is what we look for in a product and partnership.

Add to that stellar customer service- and you have a truly winning combination. (I should bring up a customer story in a future blog- these guys are AMAZING.)

Leader in Automation and Production Tools

What good is producing amazing live content, if you can’t easily play it out to your viewers and listeners? AxelTech is the emerging leader in automation and production tools for television and radio and no matter if you are in charge of a small, municipal television station or a major-market radio show, AxelTech definitely has a solution for your needs… including an on-air light called Mr. Light- how Dude-like is that?

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About AxelTech

We at AxelTech regard complete customer satisfaction as our guiding principle. That’s why we set and maintain the highest quality standards in our business, not just in our products but in our customer service. A team of development engineers deploys the latest technologies. This team fully supports customers with design-in activities. They are experts creating new ideas and innovations in order to meet market requirements.