Video Switchers and Encoders

Video production switchers make it possible to combine a variety of video (and audio) sources together, to create a multiple viewpoint experience for the viewer. Whether it be for use in a live broadcast or for a simple A/V presentation, Stream Dudes can help you find the right video switcher to meet your production needs and budget. Our team’s personal production and streaming experiences can be trusted upon to help find a solution that is right for you. To help you get started, we have put together this selection of featured equipment that each serve a different purpose and market. Should you need further assistance, you always can Contact Us for a personalized recommendation and/or a product demonstration.


TCMini-SDI-with_CEO-HiNewTek TriCaster Mini: The big name in all-in-one video production solutions is now going small! Take all of the power, features and convenience that made TriCaster a well known name, then pack it into a unit small enough to fit inside of a backpack, and behold- the TriCaster Mini. With 4 live camera inputs (either as SDI or HDMI), Chroma key w/30+ virtual sets, 4 M/E channels, 5 digital media players, HD video encoding, along with ISO recording- there is nothing “mini” about this system, other than its competitive price. To add even more functionality, the TriCaster Mini can also be upgraded to TriCaster Advanced Edition which brings the power of NDI to this very portable form factor. As a NewTek Authroized Reseller, Stream Dudes is here to answer your questions or help design your workflow. Contact Us to learn more or order a TriCaster Mini.


vMix Powered Acme GO Plus: For people who truly want an all-in-one, absolutely complete video production solution, then look no further than the Acme GO Plus. With up to 8 SDI Inputs (fully configurable to be either inputs or outputs- including 4K support), balanced XLR/TRS combination audio inputs and outputs, built-in Chroma key w/virtual sets, live web streaming (up to 3 simultaneous streams), instant replay, title creator and ISO recording in a variety of formats- the Acme GO Plus is about as complete of a video production as you can get. Also, since Stream Dudes is an Advanced Partner with vMix, we also have an advantage when working with schools, houses of worship, or municipalities who are looking for custom workflow design and well as receiving proper equipment training. Visit our vMix Product Information page for additional details or Contact Us to order.


Streamstar X4Streamstar X4: The “Best Buy at NAB 2016” may be affordable, but it certainly doesn’t skimp on the features. Offering an amazing balance of performance, price, and flexibility, the Streamstar X4 is the perfect solution for productions on a budget. The Streamstar X4 puts 4 HD-SDI inputs, 1 HDMI input, 4 IP streaming inputs, and all of the power of Streamstar SW 4.5 well within reach. The easy to use interface, combined with it’s 2RU rackmount design X4 is a great way to add instant replay to an existing HD workflow.  Contact Us to learn more about specific workflows and special pricing.


hero_helo2AJA HELO: The AJA HELO makes streaming and recording easier for all. Small in size, but big on features, the HELO gives you a lot of useful features: RTMP and RTSP streaming (Unicast or Multicast), H.264 recording on either a USB drive, SD card, or mounted network shared storage, HDMI and SDI input with pass-through, a simple web browser interface, and push-button streaming and recording. Backed by the known reliability of AJA, the HELO is an excellent choice for anybody looking for a simple way to stream a single channel of video or easily record in MPEG-4.


Switchblade Flyk: Every professional webcaster knows the importance of being prepared for a broadcast. Powered by vMix, the Switchblade Flyk gives you the ability to encode live video, record live, and send or receive HD streams via NDI. Redefining the meaning of “portable production,” the Switchblade Flyk is small enough to fit within a small sling pack, but powerful enough to save your broadcasts.


Roland VR-4HD: For years, Roland has been a name associated with quality audio solution and with the VR-4HD- it shows. Featuring 4 balanced XLR inputs and manual faders, built right into the unit, the VR-4HD easily fits into any production or A/V environment. From first use, it is clear that this portable, HDMI video switcher is designed to make mixing audio and video easy for anyone. The USB 3.0 output makes it possible to connect the VR-4HD to any PC for use with streaming software (like vMix) or for easy recording.