Switchblade Systems

It is not too often that we come across a single device that can be legitimately called a solution on its own. When we first laid hands on the Switchblade Flyk, that is the exact word we used to described this multi-function, mini powerhouse. The palm-sized Flyk combines a single SDI input (the Splyce has 2 SDI Inputs) with a mini Windows PC, powerful enough to reliably perform a variety of media tasks.

Built around the powerful vMix production software, the Switchblade Flyk and Splyce offer the ability to stream live video, playback video clips, record in a variety of formats, chroma key, overlay graphics and much more. Utilizing the input and output features of NDI, make it possible to add either units an existing camera that can be shared onto the network with other NDI sources. These features make it possible to place the Flyk or Splyce almost anywhere in your video production workflow.

Although it is only a 4″ square, the Flyk and Splyce still have USB 3.0 ports, Ethernet, HDMI output, WiFi, and even a USB C Thunderbolt port- perfect for an additional monitor, storage or capture device. The built-in 128GB SSD also provides plenty of room for recording and playback tasks, giving even more functionality to such a versatile solution. It is this type of flexibility, that enables the Switchblade Flyk and Splyce to be used in a variety of our Dude Packs and equipment bundles designed for the House of Worship, Education, or Government Broadcasting markets.

The team at Stream Dudes see the potential that exists with the Switchblade Flyk and Splyce, and highly recommend them as a “must have” tool in any content producer’s kit. These are great products that can serve in a variety of roles, such as a backup encoders for mission-critical streams, or as an affordable way to capture lectures. However you choose to use the Switchlade Flyk or Splyce, Contact Us to learn more or to place an order.