Lean More About Streamstar


The world of video production and web streaming has never been “touched” by a product as much as it has by Streamstar- literally. Video switching is truly as easy as touching the video preview for an input source to take it live. Since there is no need to switch sources by pressing a button or using a complex control surface (although one can be used, if preferred), you can easily keep up with all of the action.

Speaking of action, the best feature of Streamstar is the instant replay capabilities. With a simple “touch,” multiple channels of slow motion, instant replay action are right at your fingertips. Additionally, pre-recorded video clips, animated transitions and built-in graphics can be added to your production just as easily, making Streamstar a great choice for beginners as well as for professionals. Stream Dudes is a Authorized Streamstar Reseller and we look forward to helping you learn more about Streamstar.


Streamstar_SW3Streamstar Features:

Full HD Support – This includes a variety of NTSC and PAL formats

Dynamic Replay – Allows for switching of individual camera angles during replay playback.

Sequential Replay – Select and choose which replay camera angles are used during a replay, and they are then automatically played back in that sequence.

Replay Playlist – Create blocks of highlights, made from individual camera replays.

Replay Favorites – Easily mark your favorite camera replays for easy clip recall.

v3-Names-DetailReplay Names and Notes – Allows for a simple way to identify your replay clips on the fly.

Large Replay Preview – As a software enhancement, the replay preview player was enlarged for easier viewing and greater control.

MPEG-TS Streaming – In addition to RTMP encoding and a physical output, Streamstar can also simultaneously send MPEG-TS streams as well.

Internal Character Generator – Complete with ready to use templates, you can now create lower thirds, titles, subtitles and tickers all within one box.

Multiple Graphics Layers – 4 Channels of DSK/Graphics Layers are now available to help enhance the production value of your streams.

v3-JVC_Detail_01JVC Camcorder Remote Control – An industry first at this price point. Only with Streamstar can you now have full remote control of JVC cameras over IP, directly within the user interface.

Built-in Media Player – Allows , or easy playback of pre-recorded or pre-produced video clips and still images.

PIP/Split Screens – Create a unique viewer experience by adding Picture-In-Picture or creating a split screen with multiple video sources.

Full HD Recording w/ISO – Record HD (or SD) video in MPEG2 or H.264

Live Streaming – Built-in web video encoder w/H.264 profiles, allows for HD streaming to a variety of CDNs.

Enhanced IP Input Support – RTMP, RTSP, HLS, UDP Unicast and Multicast can all be used as additional input sources for Streamstar.

v3-4DSK-detailExternal Desktop Capture – Capture video or windows from the desktop, to add additional elements into your production.

Integrated Audio Mixer – Full featured audio mixer allows for monitoring, mixing, muting and video following.

External Multi-View – An additional monitor can be added for a customized view of input sources.



Streamstar X4Hailed as “The Best Buy at NAB 2016,” the Streamstar X4 offers an amazing balance of performance, price and flexibility. Packed neatly within a 2RU chassis, the Streamstar X4 puts 4 HD-SDI inputs, 1 HDMI input, 4 IP streaming inputs, and all of the power of Streamstar SW 3.0 well within reach.

The Streamstar X4 is a complete production solution on it’s own. However, due to it’s affordable price-point, the X4 is a great way to add instant replay to an existing HD workflow. The rackmount design also makes it a great addition to any studio or production truck.


Streamstar CaseIf ultimate portability is an absolute must, then the  Streamstar CASE is worth picking up. All Streamstar CASE models feature a built-in touchscreen, multiple channels of instant replay (with slow motion), at least 4 HD-SDI inputs (6 on the CASE 710), 1 HDMI Input (4 on the CASE 500), a comprehensive media playlist,  HD  streaming and a unique monetizing system that tracks advertising statistics.

With all of the great features of Streamstar SW 4.0, your broadcast can take to the field as quickly as your players. Available in (3) distinct models (CASE 500, CASE 510 & CASE 710), Streamstar has created a portable broadcast solution that can easily fit your specific needs and workflow. “Touch” your way to a better broadcast with the Streamstar Case.


As your local Streamstar dealer in North America, we have the knowledge to help you integrate this all-in-one solution into your new or current workflow. With features such as NDI, integrated JVC camera control, as well as the ability to stream to JVC Videocoud for free- it is hard to find a better streaming solution for the money. To learn more about this innovative video production and instant replay solution, Contact Us for more information and pricing.