NewTek TriCaster 3Play and TalkShow


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Not too long ago, portable broadcasting required an expensive truck and lots of specialized equipment that needed to be operated by seasoned professionals. NewTek sought to change that notion and helped to reshape the industry’s thinking by creating an all-in-one, live production system that was easy to use and affordable. Over a decade later, the TriCaster is still the benchmark to which all other portable production solutions are measured.

TriCaster Mini Stream DudesStill being an industry leader, NewTek has again changed the video production industry with it’s IP-based NDI technology. Listed as a top feature in TriCaster Advanced Edition, NDI makes it possible to remotely connect with cameras, computers, instant replay sources, graphics and more over a network connection. This expands system functionality beyond the limits of physical inputs, which is why it is the heart of the revolutionary TC1. NDI also makes it possible to share the output of the TriCaster easily and affordably with external monitors via an existing network connection- a perfect solution for Houses of Worship, school campuses, or sports venues.

TalkShow VS4000 Stream DudesSpeaking of sports, NewTek also has a solution for instant replay. The 3Play is designed to add even more functionality to the TriCaster by allowing users to bring in network quality, multi-camera, slow motion, instant replay into their workflows. If talent is connecting in from the field or away from the studio, TalkShow is a great means of bringing them into the broadcast. Leveraging the power of Skype, TalkShow makes it possible to have easy conversations with your talent and audience, while you share it with the world.

With a variety of connection and form factor options, there is a NewTek solution that fits your needs. Our founders at Stream Dudes have been working closely with NewTek products for over 10 years. We have the knowledge and real-world production experience with these systems to help you find the right solution. For more information or to order your next TriCaster, TalkShow or 3Play solution, Contact Us to speak with a product specialist.