HOW Easy Packs- Streaming Equipment Packages for the HOW Market

Share the message of your congregation with with world easily and cost-effectively with the HOW Easy series of Dude Packs from Stream Dudes. Inspired by our popular Dude Pack equipment bundles, our HOW Easy packages are “turn-key” and ready to go with as minimal setup as possible. Available in a variety of configurations and price points, the HOW Easy series provides Houses of Worship with simple options for selecting the right equipment. Since we understand that budgets can be tight, these packages provide a significant savings over purchasing individual items, while still allowing for customization options.


HOW Easy Solo Cam: Acquiring video equipment for your first webcast is always a bit intimidating and raises a lot of questions regarding future flexibility. Our HOW Easy Solo Cam package provides you with peace of mind by utilizing a broadcast-quality JVC camera with built-in graphic overlays and streaming. All you need to stream live is an active internet connection, a platform to send your stream (Get a FREE account at JVC Videocloud) and a web-enabled device to control and create overlay graphics (a tablet is included in this package). It has never been more easy and affordable to share your message with your congregation and the world.

HOW Easy Solo Cam Includes:

(1) JVC GY-HM200HW w/Built-in Web Streaming and Overlay Graphics
(1) 10″ Windows Tablet
(1) VariZoom Tripod Kit with Bag
(1) USB to Ethernet Adapter
(1) Tripod Mount for Tablet
(1) Custom Cable Kit
$3,075.00 (Plus Shipping and Tax Where Applicable)

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HOW Easy PTZ Flyk: Big things can come from such a small package, and the Switchblade Flyk lends credence to that statement. In a package that fits in the palm of your hand, the Intel NUC-based Switchblade Flyk makes it possible to take in one camera via SDI and another source via NDI (like a feed from ProPresenter), for easy streaming and recording. To add to the flexibility of this solution, we also added in the PTZOptics 12x-SDI camera for sharp, HD video with the convenience of remote operation. If you are ready to take your congregation’s streaming to the next level, then the HOW Easy PTZ Flyk is a great step forward.

HOW Easy PTZ Flyk Includes:

(1) Switchblade Flyk (Intel NUC-based PC w/1 SDI Input and SDI Loop-Through)
(1) vMix Basic HD Production Software (Pre-Installed)
(1) PTZOptics 12X-SDI PTZ Camera
(2) PTZOptics PT-JOY IP Joystick Controller
(1) Mackie Onyx Blackjack USB Audio Interface
(1) ASUS Router
(1) Custom Cable Kit
$3,995.00 (Plus Shipping and Tax Where Applicable)

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HOW Easy Dude PC: Upgrading equipment always comes with it’s share of questions when it comes to future expansion. Our custom-built, series of The Dude Streaming PCs are built to grow with your needs and designed with the future in mind. Based around our i5 version of The Dude Streaming PC, this kit combines the convenience of remote controlled PTZ Cameras, with the power and convenience of vMix software. Compared to other big name, all-in-one video production solutions, the HOW Easy Dude PC package is tough to beat for the price.

HOW Easy Dude PC Includes:

(1) i5 version of The Dude Streaming PC w/(4) Bi-directional, SDI In/Outputs
(1) Fully Licensed Copy of vMix 4K Production Software (Pre-Installed)
(2) PTZOptics 20X-SDI PTZ Cameras
(2) PTZOptics Small Wall Mounts
(1) Mackie Onyx Blackjack USB Audio Interface
(1) X-Keys XKE-124 T-Bar Control Surface
(1) X-Keys XK-12 Joystick Controller
(1) Upgraded ASUS Router
$8,725.00 (Plus Shipping and Tax Where Applicable)

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Whether you are a video professional seeking to upgrade your current workflow to HD (or even 4K), or a hobbyist looking to get their congregation streaming video for the first time, Stream Dudes is here to help. Our team has extensive experience with web streaming and is available to answer your questions.