Learn More About Camera Choices

Having the ability to capture high-quality video is crucial to the success of any broadcast or production. The team here at Stream Dudes knows full well that different cameras serve different budgets and production needs, which is we took some of the guesswork of suggesting the right camera for you. Although we don’t claim to have the biggest selection of cameras available, we did however take the time to do some of the research and feel comfortable recommending some great cameras that offer flexibility and real value.


gy-hm200-360staticJVC GY-HM200U and GY-HM200SP: JVC has always been a leader in camera innovation, unique features and good value. Growing upon those hallmarks, The JVC GY-HM200U is designed specifically for schools and sports broadcasters who need big features on a small budget. Featuring an integrated 12x optical zoom (24X dynamic zoom), HD-SDI and HDMI connectivity, dual SDHC/SDXC slots for recording and 4K capturing the GY-HM200U meets the demands of most video professionals. Adding to an already impressive feature list, JVC also gave the GY-HM200SP the ability to create custom score and game overlays directly IN the camera, remote control over IP, and built-in live streaming to a CDN or to a decoder on your own network. Because of this unique feature set and their focus on internal streaming, Stream Dudes is proud to offer these JVC cameras in our “turn key” Equipment Packages. To learn more about the enhanced functionality of the GY-HM200U or the GY-HM200SP, Contact us to discuss your needs and see how we can help improve your video productions.


ROVOCamAJA RovoCam: There is a reason that AJA waited this long to design a compact block camera- it is because they wanted to get it right, and they did. Built around an illuminated, 4K CMOS sensor sourced by Sony, the compact RovoCam delivers superior video quality with the ability to deliver up to a 20x zoom. Its performance is why the NHL utilizes the RovoCam for officiating, but it is the ease of placement that makes this camera a true winner. Power, video, audio and control (via RS-232) are all controlled over a single Cat5e/6 cable, that can span a distance up to 100m. Due to its size, high quality image, and remote placement capabilities, the RovoCam allows gives professionals real choice in placement and in application.


blackmagic_micro_studio_camera_4kBlackmagic Design Micro Studio Camera 4K: Well designed and well-priced, this highly compact Ultra HD camera is perfectly designed for live production on the go. You get a full 4K resolution camera that can be used in HD and Ultra HD video formats, a magnesium alloy core, and the ability to output video via HDMI or HD-SDI output- which is a rarity at this price point. Mighty for its size, the Micro Studio Camera 4K includes powerful features such as built in color corrector, tally indicator, built in microphones, backup battery, an adaptable MFT lens mount and much more. So if you are looking for a highly portable, but highly versatile HD-SDI camera on a budget, then Contact Us to order the Micro Studio Camera 4K from Stream Dudes.

PTZOptics 20X-SDI Camera: For those situations where having a staff of dedicated camera operators might be limited (like in a House of Worship, for instance) or for those times where being able to remotely control a camera is a must, PTZ (Pan, Tilt, and Zoom) cameras provide the perfect solution. The PTZOptics 20X-SDI is a great example of flexibility. The quick, 20x optical zoom combined with the ability to output 1080p video via HDMI or HD-SDI, allows for easy installation and the ability to work with a variety of video production switchers. Stream Dudes favors the PTZOptics 20X-SDI, because unlike most other sub-$2,000 PTZ cameras- this camera offers a wide variety of control options, along with IP streaming, making it perfect for mounting in difficult locations, so you can get the “perfect angle” every time.


HD-Broadcast-POV-Camera-with-AUDIO-and-HDMIMarshall CV505-MB/M: When Stream Dudes first saw the original lineup of these mini broadcast POV cameras from Marshall Electronics, we were instantly impressed. HD-SDI connectivity combined with a decent sensor, made these cameras hard to pass up and easy to recommend. Now the next generation CV505 cameras add the convenience of a 3.5mm TRS Stereo input (for audio embedding), an improved 1/3” sensor with processing and now- HD-SDI/3G-SDI (BNC) with simultaneous HDMI output. Since this camera is offered with a variety of prime lenses, please Contact Us with your specific needs prior to buying a Marshall CV505-MB/M camera from Stream Dudes.


CION4SMAJA CION: For those times when no compromises can be made for quality, the AJA CION combines cinematic-quality with robustness needed for the work of broadcast television. Having the ability to shoot 4K/UltraHD or 2K/HD, and then direct to edit-ready Apple ProRes 4444 at up to 4K 30fps, gives the CION practical versatility. Having a PL lens mount, allows shooters to utilize a wide-range of professional lenses, suited to meet their specific needs. The CION is a truly professional camera platform and although it can be customized in a variety of ways, AJA designed this camera with a clean layout, and straightforward controls. Stream Dudes is proud to be able to offer such a powerful camera, which is why we would love the opportunity to custom-spec a CION package for you.


Stream Dudes has the resources to supply you with a variety of equipment from most major manufacturers on the market. So if you need to have a particular piece of equipment for a bid spec, or something special for an upcoming project, Contact Us and one of our team members will help you get what you need.